Monday, May 30, 2011

Please Vote for Aimee Fuller Photography! {Pearland Texas Family Photographer}

Hey there! I'm asking for your votes in a local contest to win the wonderful opportunity to shoot the cover of Pearland's Best Coupon Magazine.  You have to be a member of Facebook to vote, but I hope that you are and will vote for me! If you've followed my blog you know how much I love photography and how much my clients mean to me.  To be able to win this awesome opportunity would allow my small business to grow and give me free advertising to the lovely city in which I practice my business. So, Please Help me WIN this as it's getting down the wire (voting ends June 1st 2011 at 6 pm CST) and the votes are close.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Go to Ellie's Enchanted Closet on Facebook and fan their page.

2. Vote for ALL 3 of Aimee Fuller Photography's pictures. All of my pictures are watermarked and noted with my name.  Votes will be counted for each photographer on ALL their combined votes from all 3 pictures so please make sure to vote for all three of mine.

Here's the link to one of my pictures
(you have to fan Ellie's Enchanted Closet First before you can vote though!):

Thank you for all the love and support!
Please let me know that you've voted! I'd love to hear from you!
If you share with your friends and family and have them vote please enter to win a free session with me on my wall by tagging me and letting me know that you've shared on your wall.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Meet Max (and his family!) {Pearland Texas Baby Portraits}

This is little Max and he's six months old. You are going to instantly fall in love with him just by looking at his cute face and adorable chunky legs (YUM!)! We did some shots at the home studio and then went to the park for some outdoor family shots with Mom and Dad.  He was such a trooper for us! Thanks for letting me take pictures of Max and for letting me capture such a sweet age, "C" Family! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Meet Jose Rene {Pearland Texas Baby Photography}

This is Jose Rene or as his parents call him, Little Reny.  He is three months old and such a sweet little boy.  He came over and was passed out in his car seat, but we woke him up and he was still so happy for his pictures. It was such a pleasure meeting you, "T" Family! Thank you for letting me capture Reny at such a sweet age and for allowing me to be creative with his session! I had a great time with you guys! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

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Expecting! {Pearland Texas Maternity Portraits}

This couple is expecting in July! They were so sweet and I can't wait to meet their new baby when she arrives.  It's always a pleasure meeting new clients and these two were no exception. We started out at the home studio taking some maternity shots and then drove over to the park for some scenic outdoor shots. I'm excited to share these sneak peeks with you, "M" family! I can't wait to meet your new addition in July! Thank you for letting me capture such a special time in your lives! I'll see you soon! Best Wishes for a safe and easy delivery!

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Something Different from me...Some Head Shots {Pearland Texas Family Photographer}

This is a personal friend of mine. Isn't she gorgeous? Now, I would love to beat her up because she's so skinny and beautiful, but there's no way because she's beautiful inside too and I love her! Charisse is one of the talented owners/instructors of Bay Area Dance Moves here locally.  She and I met at a Halloween party a couple years ago where she was dressed as Madonna and her husband was dressed as a Cowboy(?).  We made an instant friendship and she has really been here for me in good times and bad times. It was truly an honor when she asked me to take some head shots for her to update her old head shot that she has been using for competitions.  I love you, Charisse! Thanks for letting me take your head shots! You are one hottie pattotie!!!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Meet Caroline {Houston Texas Newborn Baby Photography}

Meet Caroline. She's two weeks new!

I met Caroline's Mom last year when I took her big sister, Emma's pictures at the pumpkin patch. We have become friends through my photography and we also share mutual friends. I always feel so at ease at our sessions and it just feels more like "hanging out" then anything else.  I truly enjoyed taking Caroline's newborn potraits! She slept so well and is such a beautiful baby! Emma said it best... she said "Doesn't she look so sweet, Mommy?" as I was taking her pictures yesterday.  I would have to agree, Emma. You have one beautiful baby sister and I'm so glad you are all enjoying her!

Thanks for letting me capture Caroline at such a precious stage in her life! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek. Congratulations and Best Wishes!

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Beautiful Sophia {Pearland Texas Baby Photography}

Miss Sophia is six months old! I can't believe how fast time goes by and how fast these babies grow up on me! She was already sitting up and had gotten so big. I love all of her rolls and chubs.  I loved seeing her smile and experiencing her little personality.  Her parents are super sweet too so it's always so fun to see her and take her portraits. I had a great time with you, "S" Family! Thank you for allowing me to watch Sophia grow up and for letting me capture such fun stages along the way!  I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Bucket Baby {Pearland Texas Baby Portraits}

Jada came back to see me again for her three month portraits. In case you don't recognize her, she was the sweet newborn baby that let me capture her in a bucket just a few short months back.  I have since then captured two more newborn girls (funny that they've all been girls) in a bucket.  Jada has grown so much and completely changed! I couldn't get over those baby blue eyes of hers! She was a little sleepy this morning so we worked with her to get some shots and I think what we got are wonderful! She even took a quick cat nap and awoke in a great mood. I decided that I'd retest the bucket and sure enough, she rocked it AGAIN! I just love these shots of her! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek, "V" Family! Thanks for bringing Jada to see me again and I can't wait for her six month session!

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