Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Baby Boy Coming Soon! {Houston Texas Newborn Baby Photographer Portraits}

This sweet couple is expecting their second child, a little boy.  They were so fun to work with and knew quite a few of my clients.  Mom is just absolutely gorgeous and we got so many great shots of her! Sometimes I have a hard time narrowing down sneak peeks and this is one of those times.  Big Sister was a hoot too! She was full of life and spunk. I love the feisty ones! We started off at the home studio and ended at the park. I had no idea, but the park maintenance department had cut down a ton of trees.  We utilized the wood they had cut and embraced it! I even had Dad carry back a chunk of wood perfect for newborn sessions (Thanks, Dad!!). The light was gorgeous in the park too! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek, "P" Family! It was great meeting you yesterday and I look forward to seeing you again soon to capture your little guy! Good luck and Best wishes on a safe and easy delivery!

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Meet Sophia {Houston Texas Newborn Baby Photographer Portraits}

Meet Sophia. She was 13 days new at her newborn session yesterday. She was such a sweet baby girl for us yesterday. She slept so soundly and allowed me to do all the cute poses with her.  It was awesome to meet her and work with her. I went to high school with her Mom years ago (too many to count, ahem!) and seeing her as a Mom was very cool! She and her husband are such nice people and deserve all the blessings Sophia is going to bestow upon them.  Thank you, "S" Family for sharing Sophia with me and for letting me capture her during her first year in portraits! Thank you, too, for letting me use some of my Christmas props to share with clients (last two sneak pictures).


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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The New Studio {Pearland Texas Newborn Baby Photographer Portraits}

We closed yesterday on a house that we will be converting into my photography studio. The house was built in 1924 and has three bedrooms for shooting space/office space and 2 bathrooms.  The house sits on 5 lots where I will be able to do outdoor work right on the premises, if needed.  There is also a really cool screened in back porch that I can utilize. There is an efficiency apartment that will allow my kids to still be on site with me as well that sits on the back of the property, which we are so excited about! The house sits in the Pearland Old Townsite where Pearland hopes to revitalize and make that area into something similar to Old Town Spring, Texas. 
It has been my dream to work out of my home and continue to be a Mom to my three kids.  As time has gone on and I've accumulated more props, accessories and photography equipment I have quickly outgrown my own home space making it impossible to thrive as a family and a business in one household.  Kevin and I knew that we wanted to keep my dream and style in tact so we started searching Pearland for different options.  We have had counsel and help from close friends and family.  They know who they all are and we can't thank them enough for their support and love during this process.  There is one guy in particular that has put in a lot of his personal time and effort into this project with us (he knows who he is) and I thank him from the bottom of my heart! Not to mention, Kevin-my devoted husband, who has never faltered or denied me this crazy dream of mine. He has been a rock and my number one supporter believing in me when I didn't believe in myself.  Without Kevin this would have never happened for me, for my family! The impossible (at times) has been met and we are here now getting ready to renovate a cool little house I will be able to call my studio.
The new house will be "under construction" for a month or more being painted inside and out and getting cleaned, geared toward becoming a photography studio where I can continue to cater to my maternity, newborn and older babies up to age two.  We have some fun plans for this space and as time goes on I will make sure to share images and stories of the house as we transition over. 
Thank you to all my clients for sharing their families with me and for letting me do what I love to do! Your babies mean the world to me and I can't put into words how amazing it feels to capture your little ones in portraits as they grow. I often want to just pinch myself because I do what I love and I get to spend time with all my wonderful clients that bless me every single day! Without you all, this wouldn't be possible and I wouldn't be sharing this with you! So-Thank you!
Here are some images of the new studio.  Lots of work to be done...

Window in the kitchen, one of the many reasons I love old homes... the details! 

From the Realtor's Listing-
Front of the house.

Side of the house/Efficiency Apartment/Driveway- 

Screened in Back Porch (that needs some work).

Waiting Area-Pretty sure that's getting painted... ya think?  
 Kitchen/Break Room
I'll be sure to share more pictures as time allows and the projects start. Pray for our family as we meander our way through all of this! We truly do appreciate your support and kind words during this exciting time! 
Much Love,

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Meet Brinley {Pearland Texas Newborn Baby Photographer Portraits}

Meet Brinley. She was 15 days new at her newborn session. Brinley was such a sweet little girl. She was so easy to work with and only took a couple breaks to feed during her shoot. We did so much with her and captured so many great shots. I really had fun at her session.  I'm excited because Brinley's Mom signed her up for the first year baby plan and I'll get to watch her grow.  I hope you enjoy your sneak peek, "H" Family! Thanks for letting me capture Brinley as a newborn and I'll see you at her next session.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Baby Girl Coming Soon! {Houston Texas Maternity Portraits Photographer}

This sweet couple is expecting their second daughter soon.  They came for their maternity session yesterday and then were going directly to the hospital to check in to be induced.  I love this family and am so glad they are bringing their second daughter to me for portraits! I photographed their first daughter, Molly through her first year and have grown to love them SO much! Mom looked absolutely amazing! We go so many great shots of her yesterday that it's hard to narrow down a sneak peek! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek, "C" Family! I am thinking about you today, praying for an easy & safe delivery for you and I can't wait to meet Miss Macy when she comes in for her newborn portraits. I'll see you soon!

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