Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mozi Magazine Feature {Houston Texas Newborn Baby Photographer Portraits}

Last month one of my images was featured in Mozi Magazine for Sweet Pea Hats.  I was so honored that Beatrice, The owner and creator at Sweet Pea Hats asked me if she could use one of my images for the feature.  I jumped on it and asked her what image she wanted to use.  She requested this adorable image of Little William in one of her pilot/aviator hats.  So, of course, I sent it right along to her and the publisher of Mozi.  I also ordered the hard copy of the magazine and it is quite impressive to see my work printed out in a magazine.  I'm so thrilled! I can't even tell you how giddy it makes me! So, if you get a chance... check out Mozi Magazine.  We are page number 89 in the Newborn Edition published last month. 
Their magazine is beautiful! And, if you get a chance, fan Sweet Pea Hats because she makes the most adorable photography props and without her my babies wouldn't have all the cute accessories I use. She's amazing! 

It's Raining Babies! {Houston Texas Newborn Baby Photographer Portraits}

More Baby Plan Clients from December/January.  Aren't they just the sweetest? I have photographed pretty much all of these babies since they were newborns.  I love each and everyone of them SO much and it's such an honor to watch them grow.  It always amazes me how fast and quickly they grow and change.  I find myself saying "They've gotten so Tall, so Big, So chunky, So delicious....".  Everyone is so different and unique in their own ways. I am so excited to see them when they come in! I hope you enjoy some sneak peeks!
If you don't just smile from ear to ear looking at these babies then you must have somethin' wrong with you! 

Andres-1 Year

Caleb-6 months

 Peyton-6 months

Alice-6 months 

Samuel-1 Year

Chloe-1 Year
This was my first session with Chloe. Oh My! She was adorable! :)

Kaylee-9 months

Judah-1 Year

Ava-6 months

Caroline-9 months 

Alessandra-3 months

Noah-1 Year 


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